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What’s New for 2018?

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What’s new in 2018… new drinks, new food & perhaps a blog that actually gets written..

Kerenza, our marketing manager, very politely reminded us that we are not quite as efficient as one would hope with keeping a blog up to date… we just get carried away in the restaurant, we can assure you, wrists have been slapped and we can update you all with what’s what.

We opened the restaurant to the estate staff on the last day of January and opened to the public on the first day of February, it’s nice to get all the staff on the estate together for a night of food and wine and it gives the kitchen a chance to practice some of their dishes without as much risk. Unfortunately for us, everyone was far too polite and said it was all delicious, so we marched forward into our opening night with new dishes, new drinks and some new staff.

A bit differently from last year where we offered a set menu for lunch and an a la carte menu for dinner, this year, we are offering our set menu and our a la carte menu for lunch and dinner every day, straight through the year, no ebbs and flows as Cornwall fills up and empties again with the season, just a nice consistent offering. The dishes will change with seasons of course, but the pricing will stay the same – 2 courses £18.95 and 3 courses for £24.95 –

Our ethos is still the same as it was, using local top quality produce, we are still using the amazing guys at Treleague Dairy, Gear Farm, John Tonkin, Wild Harbour, Philip Warren and we will be getting Josh Quick up here a lot more this year, who will be opening a Foraging school on the estate this year, dates are online now, he truly is a master and his lessons are so fun, plus you get lunch, what more could one want.

Another change this year that is still under construction is our drinks menu, the wine menu will be changing at the end of this month and our bar menu will be changing in about two weeks, we are scouting what is best from Cornwall, give us time, its hard working tasting it all.

We will also be offering a bar snacks menu alongside, similar to the appetizers of last year, padron peppers, oysters, scotch eggs, pork scratchings with tara, that kind of stuff…

Anyway, come check us out, we are very proud of how the place is developing and we wont stop trying to make every part of it better.

Coffee and cake is still available every day we are open from 10:30am.

See you soon!


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  1. Sara Price says:

    It all sounds fabulous, must be time for me to come visit again.

  2. Mel Weerdmeester says:

    Please can you tell me if you have wild garlic soup on your menu. We had it there once and it was delicious. Thank you.

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