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A quick update from the kitchen

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As expected the summer didn’t leave much time for anything but constant preparing of food, to my knowledge it was the busiest summer for a long time so a big thank you to all who came and supported us.

As you may know, Wild Works were here for the whole of July with the amazing production of Wolf’s Child, we served over 3000 people in the three weeks the show ran, an amazing effort from all the staff!

The nights are drawing in and things feel a little bit ‘frostier’ in the mornings, this is my favourite time of year, Cornwall isn’t so crazy busy, there is still some sunshine and the estate has plenty of stuff to pick. I have more apples than I can possibly use, although I am going to try! Six dishes will have apple of some sort on them, we have brambles, elderberries, damsons, nettles, pinot noir grapes, hogweed and lots of other stuff to discover.

We have Josh Quick, our foraging genius, coming to visit again soon for a new season gather. Once we get a date sorted I’ll organise a day where you can come and join us for a food foraging workshop, having a walk around and discover what you can and cannot use. Leave us a comment below if you’d be interested in joining us for a stomp about.

Autumn of course also brings in the game season, Partridge is always first and is already on the menu with some beetroot that has been fermented from last month and rabbit which is on as a terrine with…apple!

Our opening hours change a little for Autumn and we are now closed on Mondays & Tuesdays to organise some improvements, but be sure to book still very busy, which is the biggest compliment we can have with our food.

Finally welcome Phil in the kitchen who joined from FIFTEEN and has hit the ground running, a natural in the kitchen.

So hopefully I can bang out some more recipes soon, watch this space, we are now recovered and ready to go again.

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