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Vanilla rice pudding with orange and pomegranate

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Spruce up the traditional rice pudding with some divine flavour combinations.

Rice pudding, although relatively easy to make, can often become a bit bland or stodgy and you may find yourself having to add a heap of honey or sugar to make it tasty.

This super simple recipe adds a dash of vanilla along with two fruits rich in vitamin C, flavour and colour. This pudding not only tastes delicious but looks pretty impressive too.

Serves 4


2 vanillia pods

400g pudding rice

2 ltr semi skimmed milk

200ml double cream

80g butter

10 tbsp condensed milk

1 pomegranate

1 orange


1.Place pudding rice, milk, cream, and butter in a pan. Split the vanilla pods lengthways and add into pan (don’t worry about scraping out the seeds)

2. Bring to the boil and reduce heat, simmer for 20 minutes until cooked through. Be sure to keep stirring from time to time so that the rice doesn’t catch

3. clash royale hack 2017 no verification Grate in the zest of an orange

4. Just before the rice is ready and most of the liquid has been absorbed, add the condensed milk to sweeten the dish

5. Finally, add your pomegranate seeds at the very last moment to ensure the colour does not run

6. Remove vanilla pods, give a quick stir and serve

7. You can keep any leftovers and re-heat at a later time by adding a touch more milk and heat through.

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